La nuit est belle ! 2023

La nuit est belle ! 2023

Join us on 22nd September 2023 for a 4th edition dedicated to “Humans at night”.

After a first version focusing on astronomy and celestial observation, a second on nocturnal biodiversity, and a third focusing on energy savings, this 4th edition on “Humans at night” completes the cycle of the 4 main reasons for switching off.

Lighting influences our bodies and our habits: La nuit est belle 2023! looks at 2 major issues: the health and safety of night-time users.

On the one hand, too much intrusive lighting around our homes disrupts our biological rhythm and can lead to sleep disorders. On the other hand, switching off public lighting in the middle of the night raises questions about user safety: how can you see and be seen when you’re a cyclist, pedestrian, person with reduced mobility or visually impaired?

It should be noted that with more than 83 of the 117 communes switching off all or part of their street lighting during the dead of night, the French Genevan area stands out from the national average, with 2/3 of communes switching off every day, compared with the French national average of 1/3 of communes.

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