The night is beautiful

The night is beautiful

Thursday, September 26th

An exceptional challenge is launched by the Geneva Natural History Museum, the Geneva Astronomy Society, the “Salève House”. The “Grand Genève” area (Geneva and cross border’s town) will switch off all public lightening for one night. The objective is to raise awareness of the harmful effects of light pollution and allow the million citizens to see planets, stars and milky way.

By modifying the day / night cycle, light pollution impacts the biological rhythms of fauna and flora, degrades natural habitats, and generates unnecessary energy consumption. Caused largely by excessive artificial lighting, it is necessary to raise awareness of this phenomenon to change habits.

The night of September 26th offers perfect astronomical conditions, the opportunity to raise your head to rediscover the stars, to admire the milky way (visible from the sunset) and even Saturn and Jupiter!

The evening will also be punctuated by local events to enjoy the night otherwise close to home: observation of the sky with astronomy clubs, candlelit meal or night walks…

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