Maths and brillant

Maths and brillant

For three weeks, until 21st November 2021, let’s forget the greyness of autumn and let us marvel at the lights and colors of the light show “Maths et brilliant” organized by the Wright Foundation and its partners.

Each evening, the façade of the oldest building of the University of Geneva will be illuminated and animated to the rhythm of colorful paintings that evoke the beauty of mathematics.

A journey through time and space that takes us to the different civilizations that have shaped mathematics. A journey that takes us through the concepts of algebra and geometry. But above all, a journey of the senses with shimmering colors and lively music that makes young and young at heart want to move.

Every evening at 6.00pm, 07.00pm and 08.30pm Parc des Bastions

Free entrance, without Covid certificate