KNIE Circus - 2022 Tour

KNIE Circus - 2022 Tour

From August 25th to September 11th, 2022

Come closer, come closer! Founded in 1803 by Friedrich Knie, the Circus Knie dynasty has been one of the oldest and most prestigious circuses in Europe for more than 200 years.

In addition to the Circus Knie, the company also manages the winter quarters, the Knies Kinderzoo and the Himmapan Lodge in Rapperswil. During its tour, Cirque Knie employs more than 180 staff. The circus has more than 80 animals, while the Knie Petting Zoo consists of around 350 beasts.

Along with singer Bastian Baker and the Knie family’s animal numbers, international mime Peter Shub will excel in visual comedy and slapstick and captivate his audience with humor.


Tickets: Circus cash desk, Plaine de Plainpalais