Geneva Summer Mapping 2022

Geneva Summer Mapping 2022

From July 22nd to August 14th, the buildings around the small Rade de Genève become the scene of an architectural mapping show.

For one hour (from 9:45 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.), several buildings are illuminated by projectors that draw animations, visual patterns and atmospheres on the facades. Accompanied by a musical playlist available online to listen to from your phone, the scenes follow one another in a colorful ballet, appealing to the viewer’s imagination. Also part of the show, the Rhône reveals itself in a play of reflections and lights.

The mapping projections honor Geneva and Swiss themes: nature, fine watchmaking, international Geneva, science and art.

Thus, in a magical atmosphere, this play of lights transforms the environment and adapts to the reliefs of the buildings to sublimate the facades.

Information and musical playlist: