Sculpture garden - Geneva Biennale

Sculpture garden - Geneva Biennale

Sculpture garde – Geneva Biennale

Until September 30th, 2020


For its second edition, the exhibition honors original and unpublished productions, creations by young artists as well as hybrid works between design, architecture and art.

Fountains, benches, architectural constructions, flags and mobiles, conceptual, political, participatory works, they outline the contours of new horizons to think about sculpture today.

It is through a relationship of humility towards natural elements and parks by considering the relationships of scales and proportions that the exhibition took shape. The artists intervene in this context with works as poetic as critical, questioning the current conditions of these places or their past history.

During your stay at the Hôtel les Armures, you can discover some of these artistic works a few steps from our hotel, particulary in Parc des Eaux-Vives or Parc de la Grange.


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